What are some functions you can use in Excel?

A function in Excel is code that a computer can use to calculate values used inside a formula. A formula is a user-written statement for Excel to calculate. There are over 400 functions available in Excel. Here’s a list of some of the most useful available Excel functions, along with the calculations they perform:
  • SUM: This formula adds the values in a row or column. You can use it to display the total of a group of cells.
  • AVERAGE: This function calculates the average of the values in a row or column.
  • VLOOKUP: You can use this function to find and list data in Excel.
  • COUNT: The count function can count instances of values.
  • TRUE/FALSE: This is a logical function that can help you verify Excel data.
  • DATE: This returns a numerical value of the date. Excel has many useful date functions.

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