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In the PDF form you are creating for a client, you are asked to create a drop-down field containing the list of states in the United States. The client requests that the field dispaly the instructional text “Select your state” as a default choice when the form is opened. How can you ensure that the instructional text is diaplyed by default in the drop-down field?

Select the instructional text entry in the Dropdown Properties dialog box. Choose commit Selected Value Immediately in the Dropdown Properties…

You are about to submit a client’s PDF to a commercial printer. However, at the last minute, you discover a blemish in one of the images in the PDF, which the client requested that you fix. With no access to the original file, how can you do this?

Select Tools > Edit PDF, right-click the image, and select the Edit Using option. Select Tools > Enhance Scans > Enhance Camera Image. Select Tools > Enhance Scans > Enhance Scanned Document. Right-click the image…

To ensure that users of older versions of Adobe Reader can fill and save forms, you chose File > Save As Other > Reader Extended PDF. Now you need to make further edits to the form. You have not applied any form security to the file, but you see an alert, “You cannot edit this file as a form due to its security settings.” What method can you use to edit the form?

File > Properties > Custom File > Save a Copy Preferences > Forms File > Properties > Advanced